The Portagers toured the world this weekend –

Over the weekend, Portage toured the world at the Fort la Reine Museum’s “I Heart Heritage Festival”. Emma Ens-Maciver, the museum director, takes the time to explain what the event is all about.

“I Heart Heritage is just a celebration of local culture and the diverse mix of heritage and ethnicities that we have in Portage la Prairie. What happens at our festival is a little different. Cultural groups will set up pavilions around the museum in different heritage houses, and then people have a chance to go and experience the culture, they will see different traditional clothes, maybe learn some games unique to that culture, and so on.

She says everyone who came to see all the cultures enjoyed it.

“We got positive feedback everywhere. We didn’t see as many people as in previous years, but I was still very happy with the turnout, and I think, from what I’ve heard, everything the world enjoyed and are looking forward to the next museum event.”

Ens-Maciver also notes that it takes about 50 volunteers to do something like this.

“We do volunteer rotations so everyone is doing a different job, as well as being able to take a break and enjoy the festival. That’s something I wish I had more time to do is walk around and enjoy it as a visitor. We had volunteers from each of the partner organizations as well as our core group of dedicated museum volunteers, which I appreciate.”

Next year, the I Heart Heritage festival is already in the works. Ens-Maciver notes that they will have a meeting about what went well and what they think can be improved for next year.

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