Recap the history of the Resident Evil series in Capcom’s new online museum

The online museum presents new artistic concepts.

Attention Resident Evil fans, if you can’t wait to recap the series’ history, Capcom has a brand new online museum for you.

Not only does the Resident Evil online museum let you learn more about each listed game, but it also features must-see concept art that was previously unshared. Even if you consider yourself a Resident Evil expert, the online museum is well worth a visit, if only for the never-before-seen concept art.

To get the full experience, you’ll either need to sign in with your Capcom ID or sign up for one if you don’t already have one. You will also need to complete the Resident Evil portal registration form, with a few other options available to register, such as the Resident Evil Ambassador program.

Currently, the Resident Evil online museum offers insight into games such as Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, and Zero.

The Resident Evil Online Museum offers information and concept art for games such as Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, and Zero.
The Resident Evil Online Museum offers information and concept art for games such as Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, and Zero.

By advertising the museum online, the Resident Evil account on Twitter pointed out the concept art he shared, which features a memorable zombie from the first Resident Evil game.

For those who never played the first Resident Evil game, the zombie shown in concept art is representative of the very first zombie players encountered.

The tweet addresses this fact by saying, “First of all, this is the first memorable masterpiece! I still vividly remember, 25 years later, how scary it was to see the first zombie turn around…”

It’s interesting to see the differences between the zombie’s concept art and its final form in Resident Evil. It’s equally interesting to sort through each game in the Resident Evil online museum and view the character and creature art from each game.

Given the sheer volume of Resident Evil games and spin-offs that have been released over the years, we expect to see the online museum updated in the future with additional details on games outside of Resident Evil 1-3 and Zero.

The website itself also teases it with a note about additional content added as part of a February 22 update. Until more is added to the Resident Evil online museum, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on it so far.

We’re also curious if you think Capcom’s countdown countdown to something Resident Evil-related!

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