Online museum series explores the history and culture of the Syilx people and land – Kelowna News

The traditional land of the Syilx people stretches over 69,000 square kilometers north of Revelstoke BC to Wilbur, Washington in the south, but how much do you know about the culture?

The Syilx people have lived on this land for thousands of years and the Kelowna Museums Society and Wildrose Native Traditions invite you to learn more about the culture through a series of virtual events called nakulamen (na ‘? K’? Ulam ?not). Translated roughly, it means “what we do” in English.

The series will explore a wide range of topics including storytelling, the syilx law, the syilx calendar, the role of women in culture and more.

“We always appreciate the opportunity to partner with Wildrose Native Traditions. I can promise you that you will learn something fascinating and powerful at one of the next nakulamen virtual events, ”said Jen Garner, head of programming at the Kelowna Museums Society. The series begins on February 17 with Storytelling: How Turtle Set the Animals Free and will take a look at captikw ?. These stories explore how people can relate to the land and live on the land.

“Captikw? are the teachings of syilx laws, customs, values, governance and principles that define and teach syilx rights and responsibilities to land and culture. captikw? the stories are a reminder of the syilx laws and natural protocols that must be followed in order for future generations to live in harmony with the tmixw, ”a museum statement read.

Living the Seasons: A deeper dive into the 13-month calendar begins on February 24 and offers people a chance to learn how the syilxes live with the seasons. The series ends March 10 with Women in syilx Culture, exploring the roles and stories of syilx women.

All events run from 7 pm to 8 pm, admission being “pay what you can” – suggested at $ 15 per household. You can pre-register here. For people of Aboriginal descent, admission to any of the events in the series is free.

“In everything we do, it’s really important for us to show the appropriate level of respect to our native hosts and friends, so we would like to invite people of native descent to join us for the nakulamen series at no cost. We are honored to have this opportunity to provide a space where we can learn together about the vibrant Syilx culture, ”said Kelowna Museums Society Executive Director Linda Digby.

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