Online Museum Program Honors Nanticoke and Lenape Tribes of New Jersey and Delaware

The Trent House Association will present a virtual lecture titled “Ties That Bind: Nanticoke and Lenape Language and Revitalization” at 2 p.m. on Sunday, January 23 via Zoom (

Karelle Hall, a member of the Nanticoke Indian Tribe and graduate student in anthropology at Rutgers University, will trace the connections between the Lenape and Nanticoke diasporas in New Jersey and Delaware and illustrate how language shapes and strengthens these connections.

The land on which the Trent House was built is part of the traditional territory of the Lenape people, called Lenapehoking. During the Colonial and early Federal era, many were moved west and north, but some remained among the region’s three historic tribal communities. Today, Lenapehoking is a diaspora of different communities across the United States and Canada, connected by history, culture, and language.

For the Lenape and Nanticoke peoples, revitalizing their languages ​​is a way to reconnect with ancestors and reclaim traditional ways of understanding the world that are embedded in language.

This program is free and no prior registration is required. A $10 a la carte donation is suggested and can be made through PayPal at (

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