On this International Day of the Girl Child, here are 4 Colombian and community programs to empower young women | Colombia

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the United Nations marking the international day of the girl October 11. Globally, these ten years have drawn the attention of governments, policy makers and the general public to the challenges that girls around the world face in realizing their potential.

In our own backyard, a number of organizations and groups are working to help girls in Harlem and New York succeed academically, and many are particularly focused on helping girls and young women engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). ) and to arouse interest in these fields. Check out a few below!

A long moment Colombia Community Service beneficiary, Figure Skating in Harlem combines the power of education with the grace and discipline of figure skating to help girls thrive and become strong leaders.

Since 1997, they have been helping girls excel academically and develop physical and athletic skills. Figure skating participants in Harlem participate in after-school programs that provide academic support and physical activity, as well as winter and summer camps. Some of the skaters are also part of synchronized skating teams. Through figure skating programs in Harlem, girls develop more than just academically and physically. They gain strong emotional and social skills, the confidence to achieve their goals, and increase their sense of self-esteem and personal accomplishment.

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