Ohio’s capital budget will fund projects throughout Muskingum County

ZANESVILLE — Various projects in Muskingum County will collectively receive nearly $1.9 million under a grant program from the Ohio Legislature.

Money from Ohio’s capital budget is allocated every two years. Representatives and senators from across the state are vying for local projects.

Seven projects received funding in Muskingum County. Among them are a new HVAC system for the Zanesville Art Museum, a new facility for the Middle East Career and Technology Centers CDL program enhancements at Muskingum University’s Boyd Science Center, and a new swimming pool at NewConcord.

After:New Concord received $75,000 for a new swimming pool

Ohio House District 97 Representative Adam Holmes, R-Nashport, saw potential in all seven projects.

adam holmes

“I’m really looking to actively do things that make our community better for everyone — something as broad as possible,” Holmes said.

These projects are good for connecting with each other, Holmes said, but they will also be great economic drivers for communities in Muskingum County. This comes in the form of investments in education and improvements to facilities in vital community centres.

“Those kinds of things that are really accessible to our communities – the community builders,” he said. “I think the more we interact with each other, the more we invest in and are proud of (the community).”

Educational investments to drive progress

There are two major projects aimed at advancing higher education in Muskingum County. Holmes sees them as great opportunities for young people, but also for stimulating economic development throughout the region.

Mid-East received $300,000 to establish a testing site for its CDL adult education program. Currently, students must travel off-site to obtain their CDL once they complete the program, and there is usually a waiting list.

Accelerating the process would help address the labor shortage of truck drivers in the region and the country.

“It affects everyone”:Southeast Ohio hit by national truck driver shortage

“It would also support other schools in Southeast Ohio whose students would be required to drive an even greater distance for testing than what our students currently drive,” Superintendent Matthew Sheridan previously told The Times Recorder. .

Muskingum University also received a grant. He is expanding his nursing lab at the Boyd Science Center, helping to renovate the new Health Sciences floor.

“This renovation will allow us to recruit and enhance our nursing and general health care programs by creating additional pathways for students into health professions,” Muskingum spokeswoman Michelle Ball said. “This, in turn, will increase the high-quality healthcare workforce in our region.”

Community builders matter, lawmakers say

State Sen. Tim Schaffer, R-Lancaster, said the funds will have a significant impact on the economic development of the community.

“This will be a game-changer for workforce development in Muskingum County while giving organizations vital funds to make improvements to their facilities,” Schaffer said. ”

Tim Schaffer

This includes updates on buildings. The Museum of Art gets an update to its EIFS system and a new HVAC system. Forever Dads received $125,000 for new windows in their building, and Muskingum Behavioral Health will receive $25,000 for exterior repairs.

Another major project underway for the city of Zanesville is the Zanesville Gateway District. It will build apartments and establish a new space for a farmers market near the city center.

Muskingum County’s largest grant, The Wilds, will also receive $1 million for infrastructure improvements.

Citing a recent proposal by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to invest $500 million in Appalachian communities in Ohio, Holmes said, “I think there really are efforts directed at Appalachia. , southeastern Ohio, especially Guernsey and Muskingum counties to get us back on track after the pandemic. All of us want to do it — make it better and better.”

A complete list of Ohio capital budget investments:

  • New Concord Pool: $75,000
  • Restoration of the historic Forever Dads building: $125,000
  • Zanesville Gateway District: $50,000
  • Zanesville Art Museum EIFS repairs, HVAC replacement: $50,000
  • Middle East Career and Technology Centers: $300,000
  • Boyd Science Center at Muskingum University: $250,000
  • Muskingum Behavioral Health: $25,000
  • The Wilds: $1 million

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