‘It’s so wonderful’: Durham Museum of Life and Science hosts its first LGBTQ+ family activity

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) – The first LGBTQ+ family activity for the Durham Museum of Life & Science brought a festive and joyful group of families, couples and more to the popular Sunday destination for education .

“Learn about the science of colors, rainbows, and bubbles, as well as celebrating the region’s LGBTQ+ scientists and organizations doing great work in this community,” said Emma Scaggs.

Scaggs told ABC11 of a unique educational experience on the second floor, where dozens of excited children responded to the science lesson taught by Stormie Daie.

“I’m a drag queen,” Daie said, “so I don’t just educate. being encouraged by amazing educators and teachers, I wouldn’t be here doing what I am.”

The relaxed yet informative session suitable for young children was one of the reasons the museum had a very busy day. The building stayed nice and cool inside while the temperatures rose outside.

“Our north lot, right across from the museum, filled up at 10 a.m.,” Scaggs said. “And we’re in the parking lot now.”

ABC11 asked Stormie how it felt to deal with so many eager young learners as they understood science in this context.

“It’s so wonderful. Specifically around something like science that can be very exclusive to women, people of color, many genders, queer people. So it’s wonderful to foster love of science,” Daie said.

Sunday’s vivid and memorable lessons and question-and-answer sessions could really pay off later, as the children who heard Stormie Daie on Sunday continue their education in traditional classrooms.

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