Def Leppard announces the opening date of the online museum “Vault”

Def Leppard announced the “unlocking” of its Def Leppard vault on January 13th.

Initial registration is available now for the online service, which will offer new and unseen memories, music and stories from the group’s 44-year history.

In a video introduction, lead singer Joe Elliott said they would reveal “vintage tapes, vinyl records, newspaper clippings, CDs of unreleased songs or raw ideas,” claiming that the actual physical archives “needed a little tidying up. upstairs.”

Bassist Rick Savage added that there was “some wonderful stuff in there – even stuff I had forgotten … all the shiny and beautiful things from the present and past of Def Leppard”. Drummer RIck Allen said: “It’s great to finally be able to share some of these things with all of you.”

“For the very first time, Def Leppard has come together to share his personal collections of the group’s artifacts, including personal memorabilia, materials, letters, clothing, art and more,” explained one official press release. “The Def Leppard Vault will serve as a constantly organized museum with special facilities, where fans can gather to see the history of the group from 1977 to today. Joe, Sav, Rick, Phil and Viv will also record stories and memories and share [them] in tandem with the historical collection. Def Leppard’s safe is coming soon. You will receive an email with the day, date and combination to unlock an exclusive preview of this private collection directly from the group. Stay tuned!”

The vault was the title of the group’s greatest hits collection in 1995.

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