Dataiku opens online museum for data science

History of Data Science is a new online experience that focuses on the forerunners and current leaders in data science.

From pioneers in uncharted territory in the early days of science and mathematics to modern innovators; To you can find all kinds of information about the data science heroes who have shaped the way we live and think today. The initiative was launched by Dataiku who wants to make AI a daily phenomenon.

The new online experience is the result of a global collaboration between dozens of data scientists. The site offers articles on innovations in data science and AI, as well as interactive experiences such as “Beat the Linear Algorithm Regression game”.

Users can also download a free copy of “Innovators of Data Science: From Bayes to Bayesian Neural Networks”. This new graphic novel tells the stories of twelve heroes who transformed data science: Thomas Bayes, Pierre-Simon Laplace, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Ada Lovelace, Ronald Fisher, Alan Turing, Claude Shannon, Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun, Jürgen Schmidhuber , Yoshua Bengio and Bernhard Schölkopf.

According to Dataiku co-founder and CEO Florian Douetteau, the new experience is for everyone from AI builders to AI consumers, reflecting the spirit of collaboration among data scientists, which is also being pursued at within his own company Dataiku: “We are committed to building and developing this project because we believe that everyday AI must be firmly anchored in a shared culture of data science that brings people together and allows them to build and understand great things and learn from the mistakes of the past. This way we can build the future. evidence of inclusive and responsible AI applications.

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