30 Best Products From The World’s Best Online Museum Stores

It’s no secret that the best part of any museum is the gift shop. And while much of the best physical museum store buys are reserved for those who reside in major cities, some of the best-known institutions in the United States and beyond have made their merchandise and exclusive merchandise available. in line.

Modern art museums from London to Los Angeles are full of amazing pieces, from steezy tote bags and decorative skateboards, collectible pins and bespoke interiors. Below, we’ve scoured some of the world’s most prestigious contemporary art destinations for the best of their product offering, for cops decidedly more cultured than you might be used to from Highsnobiety.

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You may have seen our recent selection of trendy men’s handbags, but these museum store interpretations give even the biggest brands great value. Recent finds include beautiful recycled cotton canvas SFMOMA logo tote made in collaboration with Baggu, a bag that features a lithograph by Pablo Picasso originally commissioned by LACMA Graphic Arts Council, and a big yellow pvc tape tote designed by Simeon Farrar London Studio.


Museum merchandise might look cheesy, but look hard enough and there’s a treasure trove of super stylish sweaters you’re sure to find a new favorite in. Don’t you believe us? MoMA’s design store houses exclusive collaboration with streetwear staple Champion, while an adventure on the East River (or a simple URL change) will lead you to a Brooklyn Museum collaboration with A LIFE.


In terms of accessories, a classic NY Yankees cap gets the MoMA treatment and can be yours for just $ 30 – a definite highlight of our museum store finds. Other accessories will certainly add an artistic touch to your outfits, especially a pop-art style. heavy bracelet by Ann Dexter-Jones exclusive to the Whitney Museum of American Art, and a bandage ring hand-formed by artist Michelle Lopez, produced in a limited edition of just 50 pieces.


The intersection of skate culture and modern art is one of the best finds in the online stores of MoMA, Tate and Guggenheim. Here you will find three-story ensembles that feature works by Yayoi Kusama, emblematic prints of the NY graffiti legend Jean-Michel Basquiat, and even Ai Weiwei point out the White House.

Yayoi Kusama Infinity Nets skateboard triptych

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Added to your bags and jacket lapels, museum store lapel pins are an understated and inexpensive way to show off your artistic side. A particularly doping addition for any collector (or graphic designer for that matter) is the MCA Oversized Photoshop pin, while Edvard Munch “The Scream” and Guillaume Copeleyof protest against the Vietnam War are equally astonishing finds.


For those looking to recreate the feel of a home museum, you’ll find everything from sketches and sculptures to coasters, candles and even furniture online. The Frank Gehry designed Louis Vuitton Foundation is a particularly good destination for housewares, while interesting cops such as Ray Geary’s pill explosion sculpture and one smiling mirror Whitney’s will also make talking points on your notepad.


Some of our more abstract finds from contemporary art museums include the MCA Chicago STOP TALKING Cards – 25 white cards which give you the possibility to ask for silence, in silence. Other artistic quirks include power bank flex care from the Louis Vuitton Foundation, and a transparent umbrella made in Yayoi Kusama signature points.

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