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sunday, april 13th
a day dedicated to the practice of non-violence
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Sunday April 13 was such a beautiful day for our yoga community. I am so moved by the incredible response by students, teachers, studios owners and people wanting to participate in the next day of collective yoga practice.

I received e-mails and calls from many studios who said that the event provided a much needed opportunity for people and that the energy in the studio really shifted. There was much more a sense of community, generosity, and openheartedness. I'd like to share with you some of the comments that people sent to me about their experience of the Yogis for Peace Day.

--Leigh Evans (YFP Organizer)

The energy was beautiful... people truly appreciate the collective intention of creating a peaceful world in these disturbing times, and the Yoga class setting is perfect.

--Jeanne Marie Besanceney, Sacred Space Healing Center

This event was so wonderful. It was such a gift to be able to offer a class for peace, and I think also a gift for those who attended classes. Also, hopefully some consciousness raising for those who saw the flyer or email as to the deeper roots and meaning of yoga practice.

--Lisa Taylor, 4th st. Yoga

Each person contributed a reading, a chant, a visualization for peace. It was lovely!

--Toi Lynn Prevost, World Arts Yoga Healing


The Prayer and Resistance Mobile Yoga Unit met at the intersection of Market and Powell for yoga in the streets on Sunday. We practiced for about an hour and a half and brought signs to tell people about Ahimsa and the fact that we were part of a larger movement in the Bay Area that day. It was an amazing experience. Although we did not do a formal teach-in on nonviolence, a lot of people paused to read and think.

--Kate Randall, Standing Wave Yoga

We had a great savasana and meditation on ahimsa. Everyone left with spirits lifted!

--Jodie Jones, Java Gym


Yesterday was wonderful. The class was great, the energy powerful. I got tears in my eyes.

--Anya Schmidt, student


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